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Base Topography/Fond de carte
  Political Boundaries/Limites territoriales
  Continental Landmass/Masses continentales
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World Mineral Deposits
  Mississippi Valley type Zn-Pb
  Sedimentary exhalative Pb-Zn
  Lode Au
  Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide
  Sediment-hosted Cu
  Fe oxide Cu-Au
Canadian Mineral Deposits
  Lode Au Deposits
  Mo Deposits and Occurrences
  U and Th Deposits and Occurrences
  V and Ti Deposits and Occurrences
  Iron Formations
Major Faults
  World Faults
  Canadian Faults
  Age-Rocktype Domains
  Era Level Age Domains
  Felsic and/or Intermediate Magmatic Domains
  Mafic and/or Ultramafic Magmatic Domains
  Precambrian Domains
  Geology of Canada (1860a)
Base Geometry
  World Landmass/Coastal Boundaries
  World Political Boundaries
  World Raster Bathymetry